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Industrial Air Monitoring Consultants Ltd was founded in 2007 with the purpose of providing advice and guidance on the monitoring of industrial emissions. This service is divided into three areas of:

Emissions Trading

Industrial Air Monitoring Consultants’ Emissions Trading services provide detailed technical support to industry and regulators on the monitoring and reporting of emissions for compliance with emissions trading scheme regulations.

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Emissions Monitoring

The monitoring of industrial emissions to atmosphere for compliance with environmental permit conditions, input into Environmental Impact Assessments, investigate nuisance problems, commission new plant and comply with corporate environmental reporting requirements.

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Ambient Air Monitoring

Industrial Air Monitoring Consultants’ services cover the measurement of pollutants in the ambient air in the vicinity of industrial sites to satisfy regulatory requirements, to meet planning conditions and to resolve nuisance problems.

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Industrial Air Monitoring Consultants Ltd

• Committed to improving the quality of the monitoring of emissions.

• Aid in the cost effective compliance with environmental legislation.

• Providing advice and guidance on the monitoring of industrial emissions.

• 30 years experience of environmental monitoring and control.

• UK based with International coverage and experience.

• 10 years of experience in the implementation of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme


IAMC staff have experience of a wide range of environmental projects from contaminated land investigations and remediation to landfill gas analysis and migration studies. With a background in laboratory analysis and on-site sampling of soil, water and air IAMC staff have used these skills in solving environmental problems to satisfy both the customer and environmental regulator.

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