Ambient Air Monitoring

Ambient Monitoring Services from Industrial Air Monitoring Consultants

The measurement of pollutants in the ambient air in the vicinity of industrial sites to satisfy regulatory requirements, to meet planning conditions and to resolve nuisance problems.

For Industry and regulators IAMC can the design and implement cost effective monitoring strategies to meet the requirements of the environmental regulators using a range of passive and active sampling systems such as deposition gauges, nuisance dust slides, directional gauges, automatic samplers and gas analysers. Services provided include the management of the process of identifying suitable techniques, assessing suppliers’ equipment, identifying sampling locations, installing the equipment, maintaining the equipment and reporting the results of the monitoring. For detailed compositional analysis the use of chemical analysis of collected samples can be specified and arranged using UKAS accredited laboratories. The reports on the data would include an evaluation of collected data against air quality standards and for source apportionment and episode studies.

For building developments nuisance dust strategies can be designed to ensure the dust associated with building work is effectively managed and controlled to avoid costly disputes with local businesses and residents. The use of dust slides provides a simple and cost effective means controlling dust problems especially in built up areas where sampling locations for more complex methods are limited.

IAMC Provide the following Ambient Air Monitoring services:

  • Setting up and servicing ambient monitoring equipment according to EA guidance using:
    • Deposition gauges
    • Directional deposition gauges
    • Passive tubes
    • Pumped samplers
    • Nuisance dust slides
    • Analysis of collected samples
  • Assessment of the sources of ambient air pollution
  • Development of monitoring programmes to assess nuisance dust complaints
  • Analysis of nuisance dust slides