Emissions Trading

Emissions Trading from Industrial Air Monitoring Consultants

Providing detailed technical support to industry and regulators on the monitoring and reporting of emissions for compliance with emissions trading scheme regulations.

A complete management service for industry for the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions for compliance with emissions trading schemes. Development and writing of procedures to fully comply with the Monitoring and Reporting Regulations. The calculation of uncertainty for activity data, mass balance and fall back approaches. The risk assessment of the data control process and the production of risk assessments to meet with the regulators requirements. The completion of permit applications, notifications, variations, new entrant reserve applications and capacity change applications. Internal audits of GHG processes and the training of in-house staff on EU ETS and the effective compliance with their GHG permit.

Assistance to regulators on fulfilling duties required in the implementation of schemes including assessment of operators monitoring plans, annual emission reports, improvement reports, risk assessments, uncertainty calculations, GHG measurement systems and ETS procedures. Training of regulator staff on assessment of operator reports and the auditing of operator emission data for regulation 44 assessments and ‘opt-out’ site audits. Completion of full audits on-behalf of regulators of opt out operator’s emission data where they have self-verified. Assessment of cost benefit analysis submitted in operator improvement reports and the evaluation of technical feasibility evidence. Evaluation of operator procedures against the MRR and EC guidance.

Emissions Trading Services Include:

EU ETS services for operators and trade associations

  • Management of EU ETS compliance for aviation operators
  • Management of EU ETS compliance for Stationary Installations
  • Assessment of current compliance – Gap Analysis
  • Completion of Improvement reports
  • Unreasonable cost assessments
  • Uncertainty assessments
  • Review of emission calculations
  • Technical advice on fuel measurements and analysis
  • Writing of EU ETS procedures
  • Completion of EU ETS risk assessments
  • Training of Staff on EU ETS Compliance

EU ETS service for regulators

  • Assessment of Annual Emission Reports
  • Assessment of Improvement Reports
  • Assessment of Variations and Notifications
  • Provision of Training of staff on Monitoring and Reporting
  • Auditing of opt out sites

Services for Non EU Emissions Trading Scheme

  • Provide assistance to regulators on the assessment of operator reports
  • Provide assistance to process operators on the monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions